About us

One of us is “wild”, the other full of “power” – together we are Wild Power!

Until now we used to live in Switzerland, which is a wonderful country. We have decided to change our lifes and to live with less hustle and bustle, traffic and noise. Now we both are realizing our dream of having our own guesthouse in Lycksele at the Innersjön.
Together we complete each other perfectly in our new jobs! Beat is responsible for everything around the house and Lilian takes care of the guest’s well-being inside the house.

We will put our heart and soul into taking care of your well-deserved holiday.

“Wild” Lilian Milono

Mother of two grown-up sons with a lot of passion for home and kitchen. With a love for home decoration and culinary delicacies, as well as a trained home economics teacher, she takes care of your well-being. Let yourself be surprised by the variety of her delicacies.

She loves to decorate and loves to have a cosy home. It is therefore very important to her, that guests feel at home at the guesthouse.

Lilian is the “wild one” in our team. With her Italian/Swiss temperament, there is never a dull moment.

“Power” Beat Däppen

Beat has been an enthusiastic snowmobile driver and guide for over 18 years, that’s why he knows Sweden very well. He loves everything around motors and power. Being out in nature gives him the necessary balance. His training as a polytechnician, together with his hobby, he fits perfectly for the maintenance and care around the house and the various vehicles.
He enthusiastically leads groups in snowmobiling, beginners and advanced drivers. Beat is the “power” in the team. With his imposing size but also his mental strength, he is the rock in the surf.

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