FlyCar is a German company which is based in Oppenheim in the Rhine Valley and was founded by Michael Fender and Rainer Dreher in 1999. Main object of the company is to implement and pursue a flight connection to the winter testing sites in the area of Arvidsjaur in Swedish Lapland and Kittilä in Finnish Lapland for the German as well as for the international automotive industry. During the first season, flight connections from Stuttgart and Frankfurt-Hahn to Arvidsjaur were offered. From the second season on additional flights from Munich and Hanover were added to the portfolio. The FlyCar direct flights allowed it to reduce travel time to Swedish Lapland from an average of 10 hours to now approx. 3 hours. Therefore annoying connecting flights and long hours of waiting at busy airports – such as Stockholm or Helsinki – are not necessary anymore. Instead guests travelling with FlyCar flights are offered a hot meal/snack and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks on board.

Return flights, which the industry doesn’t need, have been marketed and used by the tourism sector from the first season on. FlyCar was able to successfully bring tourists for long weekends (Fri.-Mon.) to the Arctic Circle, where they enjoy a short getaway. New touristic products including e.g. adventurous snowmobile tours, exciting ice breaker trips or dog sled tours through the untouched arctic nature have been developed in cooperation with many tour operators specialized on Scandinavia.

Not only tourists but also car drivers who wish to improve their driving and drifting skills in a professional drivers training are carried to Lapland by FlyCar flights. Many automotive companies are located in Swedish Lapland and offer their tailormade products in the area around Arvidsjaur.

An important section of the steadily growing tourism sector are incentive travels. Their agencies are constantly searching for destinations, which are unknown even to those guests, who have travelled a lot. Incentive clients value an easy journey as well as extraordinary experiences. In Swedish Lapland winter adventures, which can be tailored to any kind of preference or wish, are awaiting the guests. Where an activity like ice fishing or snowshoe hiking gives the possibility to enjoy the nature, snowmobile tours in all levels offer an adrenaline kick. Those activities as well as breathtaking nature phenomena like Northern Lights never fail to fascinate the visitors.

For 20 years now, FlyCar GmbH stands out as a successful partner of the automotive industry. Communication with our clients – which we value as partners – has led us to develop and implement this flight connections. We are constantly looking for new partners in the tourism sector, for which FlyCar products offer an interesting addition to their portfolio. Great sales conditions and contacts within our network are equally important for us as the development of new product ideas, new target groups and new sales channels in coordination with all partners. During the years FlyCar implemented season extensions over Christmas and New Year’s.

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