How about a guided snowshoe hike through the fairy tale like landscape, where you just pay attention to the wonderful surroundings and your breathing?

Do you like taking pictures? Then pack your camera and let yourself be inspired by the pure wilderness and colours. The special weather and light conditions guarantee wonderful motif opportunities. Who knows, you might come across a moose, a reindeer, a grouse or even a snow hare?

This group event is just the right thing to move slowly through the snowy landscape and where you have time to release stress and recharge your batteries.
Depending on the length of the tour, we will enjoy a smaller snack or a larger meal around a fireplace on a sheltered spot. The fire will warm up for the next exciting stage on the journey through the white wilderness “Wild Power”.


We will provide snowshoes and poles.


DWinter temperatures range between minus 10 and minus 20 degrees. As there is a dry cold in Sweden, it does not feel as cold as in Germany or Switzerland.


With good winter gear, such as thermal underwear, ski clothes, warm hat, gloves and warm, well-lined boots, you can spend hours outside.

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