Together we stroll through wild forests, along lakes and rivers. During the season, we might find mushrooms and berries that grow in all kinds, and maybe we’ll meet a moose or a reindeer.

In the middle of the forest or by a lake, in the treasures of nature and around a fire, we enjoy the food we have brought with us. Let the peace and quietness of the forest inspire you and recharge the batteries. There is plenty of time for good conversation with group members, strengthening a good team spirit.

Don’t be afraid of mosquitoes, you will be suitably equipped by us so you have the best possible protection against bites.

We recommend that you pack long hiking trousers and long-sleeved shirts, as there are mosquitoes and ticks in the forests. Good hiking or trekking shoes are also a must, as there are swampy areas and the tracks can be uneven. Also take your personal water bottle.

Mosquito sprays should also be part of your luggage. We provide you with a mosquito repellent hat, similar to a beekeeper’s hat. You can borrow trekking poles from us, as well as a rucksack if you don’t have your own.

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