We organise some exciting excursions for you with our Wild Power VW bus. There are a number of sights in our immediate and further vicinity for which it is worth getting into the car.

A few examples:
In Lycksele itself there is a beautiful zoo with wild animals from Scandinavia. There are bears, moose, wolves and other animals to admire.

Älgens Hus in Bjurholm you can visit a moose park, including a museum, where everything revolves around the giant animals of the Lapland forest.

The beautiful city of Umeå, which lies by the sea, is also worth a visit. You can stroll along beautiful streets, stop at wonderful cafés or enjoy a great shopping tour. For music lovers, there is a guitar museum with 500 different guitars to see. In the Västerbotten Museum, you can learn a lot about the region and the history of the country.

Excursions with our bus are rather spontaneous and are planned the evening before. Always depending on the weather.

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