At the lakeshore, directly in front of our guesthouse, you get into the kayak and explore, together with others, the immediate surroundings on the water. Perhaps still a little timid, you row along the shore, alone or in pairs and try to get used to the rocking vehicle. More and more you have the courage to row further out to the lake. Together with your group, you will make your way through the water. The journey takes you across “our” lake to the next. Along untouched shores with wild forests and small bays, you get used to the rhythm of rowing until we make a stop. We light a fire in a beautiful spot and celebrate a barbeque we have brought with. Being together in a group, exchanging ideas and experiencing something new, makes these tours to something very special.

Single – kayak rental (without guide)
½ day incl. equipment (up to 4 hrs.) 280 SEK
1 day incl. equipment (up to 8 hrs.) 430 SEK

Double – kayak rental (without guide)
½ day incl. equipment (up to 4 hrs.) 400 SEK
1 day incl. equipment (up to 8 hours) 650 SEK

Guide for tours per hour 350 SEK

All prices incl. VAT.
For a rental period of one week or for families with 2 or more children, there is a 10% discount.


As the lakes are not very deep, they also get warm in summer. But of course, not like in southern areas. You can’t expect more than 20-22 degrees. The shore is very shallow and therefore also suitable for non-swimmers.


You get a life jacket from us and learn how to row. At the beginning you are welcome to go on a tour with our guide Beat so you get used to rowing and to the rocking kayak. As you are in a group on the lake, a kayak tour is not dangerous at all.

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